5 Reasons You Should Hire A Professional Landscape Company: 

  1.  We have TONS of ideas!  Our landscape designers have customized every type of area and terrain, so we have a lot of options for your specific situation.  Every parcel of land is unique and we understand that.  Even in subdivisions each lot is different:  slope of terrain, areas receive different amounts of sunlight, layout.  We use our experience and expertise to create the most optimal and functional landscape for you.
  2. We know how to stay within budget.   No matter the size of the project, there is always a budget.  We create amazing projects while keeping the client informed and assured of the final investment.  Understanding the investment of their improvements to their landscape allow clients to focus on the work and enjoy the experience. 
  3. We know “Service is Our Business”.  We take pride in providing the BEST customer service:  from initial contact with the office, to meeting with our salesperson, and through installation with our experienced crews, we make it our goal for the client to have the best experience.  We accomplish this goal by having a responsive office staff, thorough sales staff, and detail oriented crews.
  4. We can plan the entire process for you.  Let us do what we do best, take care of your entire project!  We can create a schedule for everything:  material delivery for the project, labor to complete the project, and any follow-up needed.  We are your one contact for the entire process. 
  5. We can complete any outdoor project or maintenance!  Bennett Landscape is your “One Stop” for any outdoor needs.  We make it simple for you.  You don’t have remember a multitude of companies for your lawn mowing needs, irrigation repair needs, new plant install needs, weed control in your lawn needs, or even your window cleaning and gutter cleaning needs.  WE DO IT ALL!

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