Go Green While Reducing Your Overall Watering

  • Maximize Your Plant's Health and Production
  • Minimize Drought Stress

When thousands of dollars in landscaping investment is at risk, drought-related plant stress is no joke. And as more people are starting to realize, drought is a year-long problem and not simply tied to warmer months. Applying more water is often not effective, and is even becoming illegal in many parts of the country with more and more homeowners and professionals alike being served with steep fines for violating water restriction ordinances.

EcoSential Moisture Manager is a proprietary blend of the patented Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Management technology combined with an advanced naturally-derived soil surfactant formulated specifically to reduce watering needs.

Moisture Manager attracts free water molecules like tiny water magnets, converting them into microscopic droplets and storing them on plant roots and soil particle surfaces. These droplets are then drawn into the plant roots extracting additional moisture from humidity within the soil. Moisture Manager converts otherwise unavailable soil moisture into usable water droplets, accelerating seed hydration and resulting in significantly improved germination rates, as well as the faster establishment of seedlings, sod, and sprigs. EcoSential helps give you a beautiful year-round lawn and landscape while reducing the chances of a visit from the water police!

By properly managing moisture levels in the soil you are helping to break the drought cycle in plants. In doing so, you and your plants benefit in a number of ways:

  • Minimize Drought Stress
  • Control or Eliminate Dry Spots
  • Enhance Nutrient Efficiency
  • Optimize Pesticide Efficiency
  • Improve Seed Germination
  • Increase Transplant Survival
  • Reduce Watering by up to 50%
  • Reduce water bills

Moisture Manager is the cornerstone of a year round soil moisture management program whether you are maintaining existing turf and plants or ensuring the survival of new sod, seed, sprigs, bedding plants, shrubs or trees.

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